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The level of sophistication and complexity of the credit process depends on the institution that the product offers and the specific product. There are processes in which we can receive money on the account a few minutes after completing the application, and there are those that can drag on, even over a month. These are, of course, two extremes, and the most are those where within a few / several hours we can count on a cash transfer from the financing institution. At David Blode we say that the client can start the process on the Internet and end with an agent who will give him real support, share his knowledge and experience. So what does it mean that Credit Agent David Blode will help complete the loan application process?


Methods for finalizing the contract

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Depending on the process, there are three basic methods to finalize the credit or loan process. We can complete the online process and sign the contract using modern internet tools created for these purposes. Some institutions allow the option of finalizing the contract by phone – for this purpose the Agent uses a special module dedicated to it in his sales system. And finally, we can meet with the classic path, i.e. the direct finalization, which involves a meeting with a Credit Agent. In many processes we get an alternative in the form of the possibility of using two or even three paths.


So why is a credit agent?

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The client completes the application for David Blode and receives real offers. In the background, information about the Customer is sent to the Credit Agent’s sales system. The credit agent makes a phone call to the client and offers help in choosing the product and the path of signing the contract. Asks for your preferences and expectations and determines the possibilities. What does it mean? It may turn out that the best product for the Customer can only be finalized online, and the Customer needs an online account to sign the contract. Only that the Customer does not use electronic banking. During the conversation with the client, the agent will pick up such nuances, thanks to which he will be able to offer a product tailored to the client’s capabilities. The customer may also be afraid to complete the process via the Internet. He prefers to meet with the Credit Agent, meet him, visit the Agent’s branch or invite him for himself. Obviously, the Agent will be able to meet this expectation.


First, save time!

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Working with Agent David Blode is first and foremost a time saver. The Agent’s consultation ensures that the customer signs the contract in the most effective way for him. What’s more, the Agent will also ensure that the money from the loan is paid out as expected by the client. Not everyone may want to withdraw to the account. Few know, however, that there are other methods, e.g. a GIRO check. It is a service of Bank Pocztowy, under which the Customer, after signing the loan agreement, receives an individual code. With this code and identity card he goes to the nearest post office. There, the customer is identified and the cash is paid out.

It is hard to imagine that when looking for the best financing, the client would spend an hour comparing offers. First, you need knowledge, secondly experience, thirdly competence, and fourthly time. All this has a Credit Agent.


Secondly, certainty of the right choice!

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Credit agent David Blode is not a random person. He was chosen as a unit with competences and documented experience in the field of financial intermediation. Has the necessary entries in the registers of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. With Agent David Blode, the customer can be sure about the solution best suited to the expectations, possibilities and credit profile.

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