Good Finance Credit from Switzerland – apply now here

Are you interested in a Swiss loan ? The classic – a loan without Schufa ?

Or are you planning big investments and thinking about a foreign currency loan? We would like to inform you about the possibilities for Germans to take out a loan abroad.

Many things that sound so easy in advertising are very different in reality.

Good Finance – Variant One – Foreign Currency Loan

Good Finance - Variant One - Foreign Currency Loan

Switzerland is not only world famous for mountains and cheese, but also as a location for internationally active banks. For example, Good Finance is offered to foreigners as foreign currency loans.

The offer is interesting if the interest rates for long-term loans abroad are more favorable than in Germany. In addition, the borrower must trust the euro as a strong currency.

Both are currently not the case. In the eurozone, interest rates are lower than in Switzerland.

In addition, probably no further word about the “soft currency” euro must be lost. Thus, the foreign currency loan is to be regarded as historical only.

At the present time, a borrower could literally lose home and yard through foreign financing. Unfortunately, the euro is not the DM.

The second known variant for Good Finance is the foreign loan without Schufa, until 2009 he almost always came from Switzerland. More precisely, from Fidium Finanz AG.

Schufa free loan from Switzerland – present Good Finance – with all the facts and figures

Schufa free loan from Switzerland - present Good Finance - with all the facts and figures

For many decades, the Swiss loan without Schufa offered the alternative to small loans from Germany. The offer became known in the 60s, especially by the housewife credit.

At the same time, non-schilling lending was always a cause for complaints. The desire of German borrowers to bypass Schufa has always been used by wheelwrights for their own business ideas.

Loans from Switzerland became more and more the focus of criticism. This not only destroyed the good reputation, but also brought bank supervision onto the scene. (Today Bafin).

In a process that has lasted for more than 10 years, BaFin has been able to impose rules on the non-business credit. (Az 8 C 2.09). All original offers disappeared in 2009 as a result of the judgment from the market.

Today, no foreign bank may offer credit to German citizens without the express permission of BaFin. (Exception foreign Germans without residence in Germany).

Credit from Switzerland – Advertising


The advertising for the credit from Switzerland – without Schufa – can still be found everywhere. It reflects on the “brand” Good Finance, which has been shaped for decades.

Because, the schufafreie credit from Switzerland is still firmly in many minds arrested. In addition, some intermediaries, such as Good Credit, are still working in Switzerland.

They provide the current schufafreien credit for Germans. However, the money comes from Liechtenstein today.

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